A number of hardware and machinery is not programmed or design enabled to run using a software. We at Uttunga, help embed softwares to control machines and devices that have time and memory constraints. The developers at Uttunga have the skills & knowledge to bring forth the most challenging software that don't just met industry standards but are coded to restructure quickly with changing dynamic modern devices.

Here, we broadly offer services in two fields:

    A.  Aerospace
    B.  Automotive

A.  Aerospace

    Cabin Management System
    • Central Maintenance System
    • Communication Management System
    • Flight Management System
    • Landing Gear Extension
    • Retraction System

    • Arinc 424-18, A661, A653, SESAR Datalink formats
    • Arinc702-A, A629, A429, AFDX, TFTP, MISRA
    • DO-178B, DO-258B (FANS), DO-280B (ATN), DO-200A, EDXXX
    • MILSTD1553B

    • Artisan and MEF (Model Execution Framework)
    • Calibration and SERENA dimensions, RTRT, LDRA, VectorCast
    • IBM’s ClearCase, ClearQuest, TeamCenter, SVN, CVS, INCA
    • Rhapsody, SAM, TOPCASE, DOORS and Rectify
    • STOOD, MS VISIO, Rational Rose, Rhapsody

B.  Automotive

    • ADAS
    • HMI
    • Infotainment
    • IVN
    • Telematics

    • CAN
    • I2C
    • MOST
    • UART

    • Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/8, UNIX, LINUX, Android Framework
    • Programming Languages: C, C++, OOPS Concepts, UML
    • Processor/Microcontroller Architectures: ARM, SH2, V850
    • Testing Tools: Vector® CANoe, CANalyser, Diva, Geny
    • Debuggers: JTAG, GDB